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Fall Semester

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As of August 2018)

Canlender Spring & Fall
Date Activity Reference
Aug. 27~29 Course Registration (Current Students)  
Aug. 24~30 Tuition Payment (Current students)  
Aug. 31 Course Registration (New Students)  
Sep. 3 Fall Semester begins  
Sep. 3~7 Submission of Application for Thesis Advisor (For 3rd semester students)
Sep.5~6 Course Changes  
Sep.12~13 Course Drop  
Sep.17~21 Announcement of Thesis Advisor Allcoation  (For 3rd semester students)
Sep. 28 Thesis Workshop (For 1st, 2nd and 3rd students)
Sep.24~26 Chusok Holiday(Korean Thanksgiving Day-No Class)  
Sep. 28 Term 1/4 completed  
Oct. 1~5 Submission of Comprehensive Exam Application (For 3rd and 4th semester students)
Oct. 3 The National Foundation Day of Korea (No Class)  
Oct. 9 Hangeul(Korean Alphabet) Day (No Class)  
Oct.15~19 Submission of Application for Thesis Defense (For 4th semester students)
Oct. 22~26 Midterm Exams  
Oct. 26 Term 1/2 completed  
Oct 29~Nov 2 Submission of Thesis Defense Draft (For 4th semester students)
Nov. 8 Ajou International Day 2018  
Nov. 12~16 Thesis Defense (For 4th semester students)
Nov. 19~23 Submission of Thesis Proposal (For 3rd semester students)
Nov. 23 Term 3/4 completed  
Nov. 23 Comprehensive Exam  
Nov. 30 International Symposium  
Dec. 1 ~ 21 Course Evaluation  
Dec. 3~7 Thesis Proposal Defense (For 3rd semester students)

Dec. 3~7

Submission of Results of Thesis Defense  
Dec. 11~22 Submission of Application for Leave of Absence or Study Resumption  
Dec. 17 Official Make-up Day for Classes  
Dec. 18~24 Final Exams  
Dec. 18~22 Submission of Printed Thesis  
Dec. 24 Winter Vacation begins  
Dec. 26 Due Date for Submission of Grades  
Jan. 10, 2019 GSIS Commencement  
Jan. 5 Winter Session begins  
Jan. 30, 2019 Winter Session ends  
Feb. 22, 2019 University Commencement  



* The above schedule is tentative and is subject to change according to the GSIS schedule.  Any change will be announced on the website.

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