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Notice 게시글의 상세 화면
[GSIS] Applying for Changing Major : 11/25 ~ 12/4
Writer 국제대학원 Date 2019-11-25 Hit 595

Period for Applying for Major Change : November 25th~ December 4th


If you would like to change your current major from 2020 Spring Semester, please fill out the application form(attached file) and get a signature from both of your current department chairman and department chairman of the major which you want to change to.


Applying for major change is only allowed once during your study, and a student can change his or her major before his or her second or third semester begins.


So, currently enrolled 1st and 2nd semester students can apply for changing major.


The tuition is different in each department, so you want to make sure that the tuition might change.


If you change your major, be aware that you might have to enroll for additional semesters due to the required credits for graduation.


It is advised to send the department chairmen an email before you visit their offices.


**Contact Info and office room number of each department chairman


  IB : Prof. Chang, Byung Yoon (bychang@ajou.ac.kr) / #420 Dasan Hall


  IT : Prof. Park, Young Joon (yjpark@ajou.ac.kr) / #415 Yulgok Hall


  NGO & IDC : Prof. Jeong, Hyoung Wook (doist@yahoo.co.kr) / #373-1 Yulgok Hall


* attached : Application for changing major

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