Admission Procedures

Qualifications for Admission

  • New Student / Transferred Student
  • In order to be admitted as a graduate student, applicants are expected to have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution or be in the final semester to obtain a Bachelor's degree at an internationally recognized university or college. Otherwise, applicants should have an equivalent qualification to a bachelor's degree which is approved by the Ministry of Education of their respective

Application Procedure

2024 Academic Year GSIS Admission Schedule

Thank you very much for applying to the Graduate School of International Studies at Ajou University, Korea. Please read the below information VERY CAREFULLY and inform yourself about the schedule in order NOT TO MISS any important information for your final admission to the Ajou GSIS in Spring & Fall Semester. Admission Schedule is tentative and is subjected to change. GSIS strongly encourages applicants to apply during the 1st round of admission period for smooth admission and visa process.
[Application Form Deadline]
Application Form Deadline
Classification 2024 Spring 2024 Fall
1st Round October 12th ~ November 3rd, 2023
April 15th ~ May 10th, 2024
2nd Round November 4th ~ November 24th, 2023
May 11th ~ June 3rd, 2024
3rd Round November 25th ~ December 22nd, 2023 June 4th ~ June 24th, 2024
[2024 Spring Admission Schedule]
2021 Spring Admission Schedule
Process 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round
① Application Deadline 10.12 ~ 11.3, 2023
11.4 ~ 11.24, 2023
11.25 ~ 12.22, 2023
② Documents Review 11.6 ~ 11.17 11.27 ~ 12.8 12.26 ~ 1.5, 2024
③ Interview(Online or Offline) 11.20 ~ 11.24 12.11 ~ 12.15 1.17~ 1.22, 2024
④ Notification of Pre-Admission 12.13 ~ 12.15 1.3 ~ 1.5, 2024 1.25 ~ 2.1, 2024
⑤ Admission Fee and Tuition Payment 1.2 ~ 1.7, 2024 1.15 ~ 1.19, 2024 1. 29 ~ 2.2, 2024
⑥ Final Admission Package Sent 1.8 ~ 1.19, 2024 1.15~ 1.26, 2024 2.5 ~ 2.16, 2024
⑦ Orientation(Mandatory) 2.23 ~ 2.29, 2024 2.23 ~ 2.29, 2024 2.23 ~ 2.29, 2024
[2024 Fall Admission Schedule]
2021 Fall Admission Schedule
Process 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round
① Application Deadline 4.15 ~ 5.10, 2024 5.11 ~ 6.3, 2024 6.4 ~ 6.24
② Documents Review 5.13 ~ 5.24 6.4 ~ 6.14 6.25 ~ 7.5
③ Interview(Online or Offline) 5.27 ~ 5.31 6.17 ~ 6.21 7.8 ~ 7.12
④ Notification of Pre-Admission 6.10 ~ 6.14 7.1 ~ 7.5 7.22 ~ 7.26
⑤ Admission Fee and Tuition Payment 7.1 ~ 7.5 7.8 ~ 7.12 7.29 ~ 8.2
⑥ Final Admission Package Sent 7.8 ~ 7.19 7.15 ~ 7.26 8.5 ~ 8.16
⑦ Orientation(Mandatory) 8.26 ~ 8.30 8.26 ~ 8.30 8.26 ~ 8.30

The above schedule is tentative and subjected to change according to the GSIS(as of September 3rd, 2023). Any change will be updated on the website.


  • Ajou GSIS is looking forward to receiving quality students and would be pleased to do an interview, however we cannot guarantee to reserve a dorm room for the students if we do not know applicants' status to come to Ajou at least 4 weeks before the semester starts, therefore, we strongly recommend applicants to go with the first or second round of admission.
  • All students who declared to study at the GSIS should come to the GSIS before the Orientation date and should complete final registration upon arrival to the Ajou University. Students who cannot come before the Orientation date should clearly inform the GSIS office of their expected arrival date via email. GSIS Admission will be withdrawn when students DO NOT come to the university 2 weeks after the semester begins.

Required Documents

1. Online Application

Completion of Online Application Form (
(Required to upload the documents below when filling out the online application form)

  1. A passport-sized photo (plain background)
  2. A copy of passport
  3. A copy of Alien Registration Card (* only for Korean Residents)
  4. English Proficiency Test Score
    • Official Test of English as a foreign Language(TOEFL) or International Language Testing System(IELTS) or Equivalent English Proficiency Test Score
    • Above TOEFL-IBT 80, IELTS 5.5
    • * Ajou GSIS accepts scores from both TOEFL iBT® Test and TOEFL iBT Home Edition.
    • Students from the countries where the official language is English should submit the Certificate that shows the medium of language was English in the undergraduate program(MOI).
2. Upload Required Documents

Required to upload the documents below at 'Require documents’ section of Online Application
(Forms(Statement of Purpose(SOP) / Recommendation Letter / Agreement Form for Academic Verification) can be downloaded at documents necessary for admission application should be provided with original documents via post.When original documents are written in a language other than English, applicants should submit the notarized and English translated version.

  1. Undergraduate Diploma or Graduation Certificate
    • Should be notarized by Korean Embassy. In apostille countries, applicants should get apostille.
  2. Official Transcript of all undergraduate work
    • Should be notarized by Korean Embassy. In apostille countries, applicants should get apostille.
    • When there is no explanation of the university's grading system on the transcript, explanation of their home university's grading system should be included along with the transcript.
  3. [GSIS Form] Two letters of recommendation from professors or supervisors at an undergraduate institute
    • At least one letter must come from a professor of your undergraduate institute
  4. [GSIS Form] Statement of Purpose (SOP)
    • At least 2 pages, Minimum 500 words
  5. One original copy of a Verification of Deposit(VOD) of the person responsible for students' expenses
    • Should have more than 20 million KRW in the deposit
  6. Relationship Certificate (only when the VOD is in the name of the applicant’s parents or sponsor)
  7. Certificate of Income (only for applicant's parents or sponsor)
  8. [GSIS Form] Agreement form for Academic Verification
  9. Application fee of USD 100 payment receipt
    • When the payment is made in KRW, please pay 100,000KRW.
    • Should transfer or send the application fee with the Applicant's name.
    • Please remember that your admission process will only begin after the payment.
    • For wire-transferring to Ajou University, please send the application fee to:

      application fee information
      Bank Kookmin Bank (Ajou University Branch)
      Swift Code CZNBKRSEXXX
      Account No. 808490-29-000295
      Address 206 Worldcup-ro Yeongtong-gu Suwon 16499 Rep. of Korea
      Account Holder Ajou University

Admission Interview

  • Interview will be conducted via Video(Zoom) or On-site.
  • Interview schedule for each applicant will be announced on the GSIS admission website main page.(
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to be prepared for your interview as scheduled previously. If you fail to meet to meet the interview time, it can result in disqualification to the final admission to the Ajou GSIS program.

For other details, GSIS will announce about interview process to each applicant separately.

Notification of Pre-Admission

Letter of Acceptance will be issued on the GSIS admission website and GSIS Admission Team will send the letter to applicant's email.

Admission Fee and Tuition Payment

Tuition Invoice will be issued on the GSIS admission website. How to Find Your Tuition Invoice