Ajou GSIS Notice

[GSIS] Notice for Lee Kwangsoo Scholarship

  • GSIS
  • 2022-07-29
  • 217

1. Eligibility

-GSIS students who are within 4 semesters in the 2022 Fall semester (except freshmen)
-GSIS students whose 2022 Fall semester GPA is higher than 3.5

※GKS scholarship students, Ajou-Suwon scholarship studnets, and KOICA scholarship students cannot apply for the Lee Kwangsoo Scholarship.

2. Number of Recipients: 2

3. Scholarship Amount: 1,000,000 won per person

4. Payment Date: End of January 2023

5. Payment Method: The selected students should submit documents to prove thier SNS promotion and self-development performance to the GSIS office in December 2021. If submitted activities pass the GSIS evaluation, the scholarship will be transferred to your bank. account.

6. How to apply: Write the application form and submit it to the GSIS mail by August 12.
     *Please be aware that you can only receive the scholarship once.